13 Best Baby Milk Powder in Malaysia (2021 Review)

13 Best Baby Milk Powder in Malaysia (2021 Review)

Want to ensure that your baby gets the best nutrition? The best nutrition for your kid begins with the best baby milk powder in Malaysia.

Sure, health experts believe breast milk is the best source of nutrition offering the babies all that they need to grow strong and healthy. However, it might not be possible for all parents. 

This can be due to various factors, such as lifestyle, comfort, and medical situations.  Hence, baby milk powder can prove to be quite useful.

There are different brands of baby milk powder in Malaysia. So, choosing the best can be a daunting task. To help you out with the process, we have come up with a list of the best products.

Thus, let’s dive in to find out the best baby milk powder supplements you can buy in Malaysia today!


Types of Milk Formula In The Market

Before we move on to all the formula types, you should know that breast milk is best, particularly in the first six months of your baby’s development milestone. 

However, at times, this might not be plausible - as sometimes, breast milk isn’t a convenient option for some mothers who produce insufficient breast milk. [1] It could be that moms, too, need a break.

In that case, baby milk formula comes to the rescue. The good thing about baby formula is that they’re made of the same ingredients as that of breast milk. 

However, the base might differ slightly in certain ways depending on each product - which brings us to the reason for this review: because there are many different kinds of baby milk powder in Malaysia!

Now, let’s take a look at the different kinds of milk powder formula.

- Cow’s Milk Formula

 Cow’s Milk Formula - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

Milk protein is a common ingredient in dairy milk powder - they are designed in a way to ‘imitate’ breast milk.


Studies have shown that dairy milk is closest to breast milk. This is the reason cow’s milk is most commonly used among infants and toddlers alike. You will have no trouble finding milk powder Malaysia with certified organic cow’s milk.

However, experts say that feeding formula milk is better than feeding regular cow’s milk. [2] This is simply because infants cannot drink full cream cow milk easily due to the digest formula. 

Moreover, dairy milk has a high concentration of minerals and protein that can cause stress to the immature kidney of the newborn baby. It can lead to severe illness. Dairy milk products also have lower amounts of Vitamin C, Iron, or other nutrients that your baby needs. 

In certain cases, it might lead to iron deficiency in some babies.  However, that is not the case with cow milk baby formula as the manufacturers ensure that the formula milk has the required nutrients, such as Vitamin C, D and E. 

The downside to this is that dairy milk formula might not be suitable for all babies. So, make sure you check for allergies and intolerance. 

- Soy Formula

Soy Formula - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online MalaysiaSoy-based baby milk formulae are ideal for little ones with hypolactasia.


This is a kind of formula milk that is good for babies with lactose intolerance and who cannot consume cow’s milk. 

Soy milk is high in iron, protein, and various vitamins important for the healthy development of infants. Also, it is low in fat that helps in maintaining healthy body weight. 

Since soy milk is high in fiber, consuming this formula milk will lead to a lesser incidence of diarrhea or bowel troubles. 


- Protein Hydrolysate Formula

In this kind of formula, the protein contents of soy or dairy milk are broken down into simpler particles that are easy to digest. At times, infants are allergic to protein. So, hydrolysate baby formula is best for them.


- Specialized Formula

Specialized Formula - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online MalaysiaSpecialised baby milk powder formulae are catered to babies with special medical conditions.


This type of infant formula milk powder is primarily for infants who are born prematurely and have special medical conditions. It is a big category that is created for babies with low birth weights. 

This category also contains products with low-sodium formulae for babies that need restricted salt intake or formulae that are thickened with rice starch for infants with reflux.  


Key Takeaway Before Buying The Best Baby Milk Formula

You should choose a type of milk powder formula that works the best for your baby. To do that, there are certain criteria you need to follow and we are going to cover them later on in this article. Keep reading!


6 Essential Nutrients in Baby Milk Formula

When you buy infant milk formula powder, you have to make sure that it has all the prerequisite nutrients for the baby’s delicate tummy. This means you’ll likely need to check the package to find out if it has the following key nutrients.


    • DHA & AA/ARA

  • This is the type of fatty acid that is usually found in breast milk. [3] It contributes to the vision and brain development of the baby. So, several commercial baby milk powders tend to include them in their products. 

    DHA and AA are shown separately on the labels. You need to check if there is roughly an equal amount of AA and DHA in the baby’s milk powder. This is mainly to mimic breast milk as closely as possible.


    • Nucleotides

  • For strengthening the immune system of the body, this nutrient is largely important in baby formulas. Nucleotides are also crucial for the development of the baby’s digestive organs.


    • Choline

  • Recent studies have shown that this is an essential nutrient for babies when it comes to infant formula milk powder. [4] The recommended amount for 0-12-month-old babies is 125 - 150mg. However, there are only a few brands that meet this requirement.

    It is crucial for the nervous system of the baby’s body, as well as brain functioning. Choline is known to be beneficial for babies’ cell growth, too. 

    This is because the human body doesn’t produce much all by itself. Adults can get it from eggs, meat, or vegetables. Babies get it from their mother’s breast milk. So, it is important that the milk powder contains this ingredient.


    • Probiotics and Prebiotics

  • Before you buy baby milk powder in Malaysia, you need to know the difference between probiotics and probiotics.

    Probiotics help with child growth through the prevention of infections and micronutrients deficiencies. They promote healthier baby’s gut health. Probiotics are actually live bacteria that keep the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the gut. The human body doesn’t produce probiotics naturally.

    Prebiotics on the other hand, promote the growth of these beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Formula milk containing probiotics can prevent infants from developing eczema, but it does not seem to help with diarrhea or colic.


    • Vitamins

  • Vitamins such as A, C, D, E along with the B vitamins are important for good vision and skin. It is also helpful for healthy nerves, the brain, and blood cells. Vitamin can boost the baby’s immune system and help minerals, such as calcium to be absorbed by the body.

    Vitamin B9, which is known as folic acid, is important for red blood cell production. It helps with the maintenance of the spinal cord and the brain of the infant.


    • Minerals

  • Several minerals, such as iron, zinc, and calcium are good for the nails, teeth, and nerve and muscle function. 

    For instance, iron is known to be good for blood production while zinc helps with various bodily functions. It aids cell repair and growth and boosts the immune system.  


    You may be interested in: What’s The Difference Between Vitamins And Minerals? 


    Top Pick: 13 Best Baby Milk Powder in Malaysia

    Here are the best baby milk powders that you can consider buying for your baby.

    1. Best Formula Milk: ENFALAC A+ Gentlease



    This ENFALAC A+ Gentlease baby formula is made of hydrolyzed proteins, which are broken down to promote easy digestion for the infant. As it has lower levels of lactose, it can reduce potential digestive problems such as diarrhea too. 

    The milk formula contains zinc and iron that help with the formation of red blood cells. In case your child has a troubled stomach and makes you worried as to which is the right baby formula for overcoming such an issue, you might get lucky with ENFALAC A+ Gentlease.




    • Contains specific formulae such as DHA and ARA to help your baby's visual development
    • Contains hydrolyzed protein, suitable for babies who are allergic to milk protein
    • Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6
    • Certified Halal 
    • Might be a little oily when it dissolves
    • The price is slightly higher than other brands of milk powder
    • The taste may be different from breast milk




    2. Best for Baby Growth: Similac Gain Plus Gold  

    Similac Gain Plus Gold  - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia


    After your baby officially passes the 1-year-old milestone, you can switch to Similac Gain Plus Gold baby formula. 

    Between 1-3 years with more brain cell connections, your baby will experience rapid brain development. Hence, it is important that you get the best milk powder that contains the nutrients that support this development. Similac Gold GainPlus is one such product.

    The baby milk powder comes with natural vitamin E, DHA, Lutein, FOS, Nucleotides, and more nutrients. It combines Lutein, DHA, and vitamin E in good proportions to support healthy eye and brain health. 

    Calcium, zinc, and vitamins can improve your baby’s bone health - making sure that your little one grows up to be strong and healthy!




    • Contains protein, zinc, calcium and vitamin D
    • Contains DHA, taurine, choline, copper, iron and folic acid
    • Dual system formula containing 2'FL and nucleotides
    • Contains no palm oil. Formula is a unique vegetable oil blend, which is more conducive to the absorption of DHA
    • Babies who are allergic to folic acid may develop adverse allergic reactions
    • Studies have found that the corn syrup contained in the formula may increase the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes in children and adults




    3. Best Improved Milk Formula: S-26 Gold SMA

    S-26 Gold SMA - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    This is another good milk brand in Malaysia which is particularly high in folic acid and DHD. However, what makes it truly stand out from the rest are its higher amounts of choline and iron. 

    You should also know that the calcium content might be lower than what other milk brands have to offer. It is a cow and soy milk recipe that is suitable for babies that are up to a year old.




    • Contains more than 4000 mg of linoleic acid
    • The main source of protein in the formula is milk
    • The formula contains DHA and AHA from Omega 3
    • Certified Halal by JAKIM


    • Not suitable for babies who are allergic to milk powder
    • Must be consumed and finished within 4 weeks of opening




    4. Best Imported Baby Formula: Frisolac Step 1 Milk Formula

    Frisolac Step 1 Milk Formula - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    This is a premium baby milk powder in Malaysia. It is imported from Holland where the brand has more than 19,000 farms. 

    The powder contains vitamins and all the necessary nutrients that your newborn requires. From vitamins C and B6 to DHA - it has it all. 

    Frisolac uses LocNutri technology to keep the nutrients in their best form. This technology uses mild heat rather than high heat. It makes the nutrients easier to digest.




    • The 2’-FL contained is a unique prebiotic
    • Contains DHA and nutrients such as GOS, AA, and nucleotides
    • Produced by homeowned private farm with significantly lesser pollution
    • Might be a little frothier than other powders.
    • Not suitable for babies who are allergic to milk





    5. Best for the Digestive System: Nestle Nankid Optipro HA Stage 3 Hypoallergenic

    Nestle Nankid Optipro HA Stage 3 Hypoallergenic - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    Nestle Nankid Optipro HA Stage 3 Hypoallergenic comes with the most advanced protein. It has 100% whey protein along with partially hydrolyzed protein. 

    As a premium Swiss-made cow’s milk formula, it provides little ones with crucial nutrients for their development and growth. 

    The formula milk contains hydrolyzed protein blend-in, in which the milk protein from cows is broken down into smaller pieces for better absorption. It comes with a strong blend of DHA and ARA along with the required nutrients. 

    The baby milk powder also has Bifidus BL probiotics that protect the baby’s gut and immune system. Moreover, it contains iron that is crucial for blood production. This will prevent your infant from developing the issue of anemia.




    • Product uses 100% partially hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate formula for easier absorption and digestion
    • Less likely to cause allergies than ordinary milk protein formulae
    • Consists of 100 million probiotics to help improve intestinal and intestinal function
    • Contains DHA and ARA which are good for brain development and eye health


    • The content of minerals and multivitamins may be relatively lesser compared to that of other brands
    • Product is not a solution to replace breakfast dairy or full cream milk



    6. Best for Bone Development: Pediasure Opti Height Milk Formula Vanilla

    Pediasure Opti Height Milk Formula Vanilla - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    This is a baby milk recipe that helps your child grow longer and stronger bones. It is an added toddler supplement to the usual milk of your child. You can use the same formula all the way till your little ones grow to the age of 10 years old. 

    The product comes with vitamin K2, Arginine, and calcium. It provides all the essential nutrients your child needs. The baby milk powder also has a good vanilla taste that most curious kids will look forward to trying.




    • 3 kinds of protein come from concentrated milk protein, whey protein and soy protein
    • Provides 100% protein and 25 different varieties of vitamins and minerals
    • Contains a mixture of 3 kinds of carbohydrates and FOS
    • Contains probiotics Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus
    • Lactose-free
    • Not suitable for children with galactosemia
    • Does not contain DHA




    7. Best Sheep Milk: Gentle Sheep Milk Powder

    Gentle Sheep Milk Powder - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online

    This is the baby milk powder that is good for babies with milk sensitivities. It doesn’t contain A1 protein that is commonly found in milk from the cow, which may cause discomfort in babies. 

    The high-quality minerals, vitamins, and key nutrients in baby milk powder support optimal growth and development. Even though the milk powder doesn’t contain sucrose or additional sugar, your baby is going to naturally love it!




    • Goat milk offers one third more energy than cow milk
    • The content of vitamins and minerals is higher than that of dairy milk, and it is gentler to the digestive system
    • The milk originates from the company’s grass-fed sheep on a farm in northern New Zealand
    • Suitable for children who are lactose intolerant
    • Picky children may not be able to accept the difference in texture and taste that slightly differ from dairy milk 
    • The fat content is higher than dairy milk and breast milk
    • Does not contain DHA




    8. Best for Expecting Mothers: Anmumlac Infacare Step 1 Infant Milk Formula Powder

    Anmumlac Infacare Step 1 Infant Milk Formula Powder - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online

    The Anmum Infacare is a highly popular and budget-friendly infant formula milk powder available in Malaysia. 

    What’s best about it is that it is priced affordably - everyone will be able to feed their baby with good quality formula milk. It contains DHA, iron, zinc, and calcium for your child's overall development.

    Talk about a good value for money!




    • Contains Omega-3 and DHA
    • Bifidobacterium lactis helps improve intestinal health and may help reduce the incidence of diarrhea
    • Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as nucleotides, calcium, zinc, natural vitamin A, C, D3, iron and iodine, and fatty acids
    • The price is more affordable compared to other brands
    • Milk powder needs to be consumed and finished within 3 weeks after opening



    9. Best for Newborns: ENFAGROW A+ Step 3



    This is another one of the best baby milk powders for newborn babies. Its milk powder comes with MFGM Complex and has a 40% higher DHA than other products. 

    The ENFAGROW A+ Step 3 milk powder contains Yeast Beta Glucan, Iodine, vitamin A and B12, iron, and zinc. 

    All these are important for your baby’s growth. It should also be noted that the product is artificial-sucrose-free. 

    Though slightly pricey, this infant formula milk powder can be the perfect everyday milk supplements for toddlers!




    • Contains DHA
    • Contains prebiotic FOS to help maintain a healthy digestive system
    • Contains zinc and iron to help build strong bones
    • No added artificial sucrose or added sugar
    • Dairy product not suitable for the lactose intolerants
    • Slightly more expensive




    10. Best for Babies within 6-12 Months: Dutch Lady 123 Honey

    Dutch Lady 123 Honey - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online

    As another popular milk brand  in Malaysia, this baby milk powder comes in honey flavor with a zero percent of added sucrose. 

    This product contains protein, DHA, and vitamin C, D, B6, and B12. Apart from this, it also contains zinc, magnesium, and Omega 3. The milk has been made to ensure that it supports your child's overall development and growth.




    • Contains 5 times more DHA than regular formulae
    • Contains 20 vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine, vitamins A, B, D and selenium
    • Rich in protein
    • Honey flavor ideal for toddlers undergoing the curious phase of trying out new flavours


    • Organic milk not suitable for children intolerant of dairy products
    • The moisture resistance of the package needs environmental attention to prevent moisture that may affect the quality of the product.




    11. Best Non-GMO Organic Formula: BELLAMY'S: Step 3 Toddler Milk Drink

    BELLAMY S Step 3 Toddler Milk Drink - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    The product is made from organic milk from cows. It is a blend of minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. 

    It provides your kid with wholesome nutrients. Since the formula has been developed for the delicate tummy of infants, it can be easily digested and absorbed - which directly translates to reduced acid reflux!




    • Made from certified organic milk
    • Contains essential fatty acid DHA
    • Contains prebiotics (GOS)
    • Contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, zinc, vitamin C, A and D, etc.
    • Not suitable for children with lactose intolerance
    • Lacks 2'-FL, Omega-3, Omega-6 and other special ingredients




    12. Best for Growth: Similac 1

    Similac 1 - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    Similac 1 is an infant formula milk powder that is available at an affordable rate. It comes with a range of required nutrients beneficial to babies’ growth. 

    The Eye-Q system of the milk powder contains a vegetable oil blend that helps with better DHA absorption. Moreover, vitamin E and Lutein prevent the DHA content from being oxidized.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the DHA content in the formula powder may appear lacking in comparison to the other baby formula with only 56 mg per 100 mg milk powder. 

    Make sure that you keep this in mind before you proceed to buy this baby milk recipe. 




    • Abbott is the renowned number one infant formula brand in the world
    • Contains 2'-FL, Omega-3, Omega-6, DHA and AA
    • Contains natural nucleotides
    • Contains non-genetic ingredients
    • The milk protein contained may not be suitable for babies who are allergic to milk
    • Branded formula makes it slightly more expensive




    13. Best Lactose-Free Formula: Isomil Plus (1 to 10 Years Old)

    Isomil Plus (1 to 10 Years Old) - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    Isomil is the best baby soy formula that parents can find in Malaysia. It is great for babies who are lactose intolerant. The calcium content of this product is pretty high. 

    The product is extremely popular in the baby and parents community in Malaysia. In fact, it is the best-selling soy-based milk in Malaysia. 

    The product is suitable for kids between the ages of 1-10 years. It comprises Taurine, DHA, AA, and Choline. Apart from this, it has 26 other essential vitamins.




    • 100% soy protein, contains no milk and lactose
    • Suitable for children allergic to dairy milk
    • Contains FOS, DHA, and AA and soy lecithin
    • Unique blend of oil (sunflower oil + coconut oil + soybean oil)
    • Contains rich minerals and key nutrients essential for child’s growth such as linoleic acid, taurine, choline, iron and zinc


    • Not suitable for children who are allergic to soy
    • The content of vitamins and minerals may not be as intensive as other formula brands 


    Comparing The Best Baby Milk Powders in Malaysia


    Recommended Age Range

    Main Formula


    Product Specifications

    ENFALAC A+ Gentlease

    0 - 12 months

    Hydrolyzed protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, choline, lactose, DHA, ARA, Omega 3 and Omega 6


    370 g

    Similac Gain Plus Gold

    12 - 36 months

    Protein, vitamins, minerals, 2'FL nucleotides and DHA


    1800 g

    S-26 Gold SMA

    0 - 6 months

    Concentrated whey protein, DHA, AHA and linoleic acid with Omega 3


    900 g

    Frisolac Step 1 Milk Formula

    0 - 6 months

    2’-FL, DHA, GOS, AA, nucleotides, protein, vitamins and minerals


    400 g

    Nestle Nankid Optipro HA Stage 3 Hypoallergenic

    12 months and above

    Hydrolyzed whey protein, probiotics, DHA and ARA


    800 g

    Pediasure Opti Height Milk Formula Vanilla

    12 months to 10 years old

    Concentrated milk protein and whey protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, FOS and probiotics


    1600 g

    Gentle Sheep Milk Powder

    12 - 36 months

    Protein, vitamins and minerals


    700 g

    Anmumlac Infacare Step 1 Infant Milk Formula Powder

    0 - 12 months

    Omega-3,  DHA, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and Bifidobacterium lactis


    900 g

    Similac 1

    0 - 12 months

    Protein, vitamins, minerals

    2'-FL, Omega-3, Omega-6, DHA, AA and natural nucleotides


    850 g

    ENFAGROW A+ Step 3

    Below 6 years old of age

    2'-FL, DHA, FOS, protein, minerals and vitamins


    1200 g

    Dutch Lady 123 Honey

    12 - 36 months

    DHA, protein, vitamins and minerals


    900 g

    BELLAMY'S: Step 3 Toddler Milk Drink

    12 - 36 months

    Protein, vitamins, minerals, DHA and prebiotics (GOS)


    900 g

    Isomil Plus (1 to 10 Years Old)

    12 months to 10 years old

    100% soy protein isolate, FOS, DHA, AA, soy lecithin, mixed oil, vitamins and minerals


    850 g

    Buying Guide To Consider Before Purchasing Baby Milk Powder For Your Toddler

    There are certain factors that you need to consider before purchasing the best baby milk powder. In this section, we are going to cover all the factors to take into account.


    Buying Guide To Consider Before Purchasing Baby Milk Powder For Your Toddler - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    All milk powder formulae are manufactured differently with varying ingredients and formulae. 


    - Baby’s Condition

    Parents should always check for allergies and compatibility before purchasing a product for your baby. It is necessary to conduct extensive research to find out if your baby is lactose tolerant or allergic to any specific ingredients.

    Here are a few signs and symptoms that will help you understand if your baby is lactose intolerant. 

    • Loose, green, and yellow-colored, or watery stools after 2 hours of consuming dairy milk or any other dairy product.
    • If the body doesn’t produce enough lactose, it remains undigested. So, it starts to gather in the intestine and it might lead to diarrhea. In case diarrhea happens after consumption of milk, your child might be lactose intolerant. 
    •  In case your baby is feeling nauseous and vomiting after consumption of dairy, there is a chance that it is lactose intolerant. 
    • Check the baby’s belly. In case it is stiff and it is passing air too frequently, that might be a sign of lactose intolerance. 

    At times, kids are born with low birth weight. [5] This mainly happens with premature babies or twins as they need to have a nutritious diet. In such a case, you can opt for a specialized milk recipe. Nevertheless, you have to be cautious with the formula.

    - Age of Your Toodler

    The type of milk powder you choose for your baby also depends on their age. While some products are suitable for infants, others are suitable for babies that are a few months old.

    - Ingredients of the Baby Milk Formula

    There are two main controversial ingredients that you will find in baby formula. These are ARA and DHA. These are taken to be the best fatty acids for newborn babies. 

    The key nutrients are good for the baby's brain and nerve development. Naturally, ARA and DHA can be found in milk from breast, eggs, and oils. However, DHA and ARA are generally processed with what is believed to be toxic hexane. 

    Manufacturers tend to claim that just a small amount of it is included in the formula. But you have to consider whether or not you would like to feed it to your baby.

    - Scent and Flavor

    The flavor or scent the baby likes also has to be taken into account. If your baby doesn’t like a certain scent or flavor, it will not have it. As a result, they might go hungry.

    Your baby’s sense of taste is quite sensitive when it is just 3 months old. As a matter of fact, a baby might have a wider distribution of taste buds in comparison to an adult. 

    During the first 3 months, a baby can only distinguish between bitter and sweet tastes. However, after 3 months your baby’s tongue grows. At about 5 months, your baby’s sense of taste changes. 

    The first 6 months are a crucial period to introduce new tastes and flavors - so you can try gradually introducing new flavors such as honey and bid baby purees goodbye!

    - Budget

    It is crucial that you consider your budget before you decide the kind of baby powder formula you want for your baby.

    Not all baby milk recipes are the same. There are imported and local formulae. Of course, the imported formulae tend to be more expensive. 

    However, that doesn’t mean that they are better than the local formulae. To get a better idea as to which is better, it is necessary to read reviews. Reviews can help you gain insight into what to go for or what to avoid. 


    - Brands

    Once you discover the brand of baby milk powder that works for your child, avoid changing it as other formula brands might not be compatible. Some of the top-rated brands in Malaysia are Frisolac, Similac, and Enfalac

    They are well-received brands by the people in the country. Their highly nutritious formulae are highly trusted by parents.

    - Certifications

    Every baby milk powder product claims to be the best formula milk out in the market. However, that is not always the case. 

    At times, they might not even contain the key nutrients that they claim to have. So, you will have to make sure that it is a certified product. For instance, Halal certifications by JAKIM or Organic certifications.

    That being said, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you are not able to provide your child with that. Choose a brand as per the price and nutrition content over any certifications as eventually, it is your child who is going to decide the brand that they prefer.


    Frequently Asked Questions on Best Baby Milk Powder in Malaysia

    1. What is the better Powder Formula or Liquid?

    Powder formula is generally more reliable than formula milk liquid. This is because baby milk powder is much easier for the baby to digest. 

    Nonetheless, some people do believe that there is no absolute answer to this question. Some doctors believe that compared with formula milk powder, liquid milk makes babies less likely to be constipated. As parents, you should choose the one that is suitable for your baby.


    2. Which Brand of Baby Milk Powder is Best?

    Enfalac is the best milk formula brand you can buy in Malaysia. It is the only one that contains milk from the MFGM complex that is only naturally found in breast milk. 

    This ingredient is known to improve brain development. Choosing only to provide the best of the best for your baby will give you a peace of mind that your baby is receiving the required nutrients.


    3. When can I Start Giving Powder Formula to My Baby?

    Since the powdered formula isn’t sterile, babies under two months of age or the ones born prematurely should be fed with powder formula instead.

    Note: Babies detected with compromised immune systems shouldn’t be given any milk powder formula. Liquid formulae are a better alternative for them in such cases. [6] 


    4. How Long is Milk Powder Formula Good For?

    It is considered best to use your prepared milk from any milk powder formula within 2 hours of preparing it (and within an hour from when you start to feed the baby). In case you don’t use the prepared formula within 2 hours, make sure that you immediately store the formula milk bottle in the fridge.


    5. Where to Buy Baby Milk Powder in Malaysia?

    You can easily purchase a variety of baby milk powders on iPharmaHome

    As a reliable and trusted online pharmacy store in Malaysia,  apart from milk powder, the platform also offers supplements. At present, the best-selling supplementary products on the official website is Blackmores


    Browse more best baby milk formula here:

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