12 Best Fish Oil Supplements in Malaysia

12 Best Fish Oil Supplements in Malaysia

Fish oil, gotten from the tissue of oily fish, such as tuna, contains omega-3 fatty acids and has gained popularity over the years; with this popularity, fish oils are in high demand by consumers off the counter, especially in their supplementary forms. 

The benefits of fish oil include offering help to the heart and other health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, inflammation, etc.

Also, omega-3 is known to be present in the sperm, the retina, and the brain cells; this doesn’t mean that the body produces it on its own, as it can only acquire it from diets that contain omega-3.



Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements

For Men

Fish oil benefits in men also range from health benefits, including heart support, reducing the tendency to be depressed, and helping the brain.

However, what stands out as the benefit of fish oil in men, is its ability to aid erectile function and produce sperm of high quality and volume. Also, fish oil aids the health of the two sperm-producing hormones, the luteinizing and follicle-producing hormones, in men.


For Women

As with everyone, fish Oils also aids heart health in women, but of course, some factors stand out, such as its ability to ease or reduce menstrual pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

Women are most likely to experience rheumatoid arthritis than men, especially in middle age. When the immune system starts attacking the joint linings at various parts of the body, it leads to inflammation and pain.


For Old People

The benefits of fish oil in older adults include reducing rheumatoid arthritis. However, fish oil is known to increase bone density in older people who have osteoporosis.

The benefit of fish oil that stands out in older adults is its ability to aid in the prevention of memory loss and dementia.



5 Factors To Consider When Purchasing Fish Oil Supplement

With the rise in demand for fish oils In Malaysia, you’d expect that there’d be an issue of varying quality and benefits. You must know what to look out for when purchasing fish oil. Here’s everything you need to know about fish oil, as well as the factors to consider before purchasing; to help you make your decision:



The Source/Quality Assurance

The certainty of purity for any product starts from its source. For environmental and health purposes, fish oil needs to be certified by a sustainable fishery. Smaller fishes tend to be less healthy for making fish Oils since they have shorter life spans, they tend to accumulate a smaller amount of heavy metals because they’re lower on the food chain, as opposed to the bigger fishes, which are higher in the food chain, thereby, accumulating more heavy metals.

Also, with finding the right source for your fish oil, expect that molecular distillation is used as the method of purification; this is because it is the gold standard process for purifying fish Oils, as it aids the oil in concentrating and providing a rich level of DHA and EPA fatty acids.




In your purchase of fish Oils, you may want to look out for the form that can digest quickly and which the body won’t have an issue with absorbing. One form of fish oil that has an easy digestive and absorption factor is the Triglyceride form. However, there’s a more affordable form, the ethyl ester, which is less absorbable and with a higher tendency of going rancid. It’s interesting to note that the triglyceride form naturally occurs in fish oil.




Signs of rancidity may include indigestion, foul smell, or fishy burps. Rancidity is often caused by too much exposure to heat in processing or storing, poor source, or inability to break down fat molecules of the fish oil.




Dosages for fish oil may differ in people, so you should meet with your doctor or dietician, who is conversant with your health profile and your other medications, if there are any.

However, healthy adults who do not have a history of heart issues and who do not eat up to two servings of fatty fish in a week can have about 400 to 500 milligrams of fish Oils daily. 




Often, the more affordable form may be less absorbable; this means the body absorbs it less easily. As in the case of fish Oils made in the ethyl ester form. Other times, when the easily absorbed form- the triglyceride form looks cheap, you may need to take lots and lots of them to gain the required impact, which, in turn, makes you spend the same amount needed to get an easily absorbed form in the right quantity.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that cheaper is always inferior or that cost is always effective.



Top Picks: 12 Best Fish Oil Supplements in Malaysia

The health benefits from consuming fish oil, which is rich in omega-3, ranges from supporting the heart, where it lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes, to reducing the likelihood of consumers to be depressed or have anxiety. Another health benefit from consuming fish oil is improving eye health due to omega-3, the DHA, which is mainly found in the retina.

However, with the growing demand of fish Oils and their supplements, there’s no surprise that they’re seen on the shelves of almost every store. With this knowledge of fish oil, its benefits, and what you should look out for before purchasing any, let’s take a look at the 12 Best fish Oils In Malaysia:



1. Blackmores Fish Oil: High Quality Source, Great For The Body



The Blackmores brand, known for most health supplements in Malaysia, boasts of their fish oil containing a high-quality source of omega-3.


  • Omega-3 marine triglycerides


  • Suitable for both adults and children above one year.
  • For adults’ skin, heart, and general well-being: take two capsules a day with food
  • For eye health and brain: take three capsules every day with a meal
  • For children: pierce two capsules into juice, cereal, or milk and take them every day. 



Promotes skin, heart, and brain health

It may not be suitable for consumers who are allergic to fish

Promotes health and general well-being

Tested for dioxins, mercury, and PCBs


Buy Here: Blackmores Fish Oil



2. SWISSE Odourless High Strength Wild Fish Oil 1500MG (400 capsules): Best Sustainably Sourced



Swisse Odorless fish oil is a sustainably sourced formula that contains omega-3 fatty acids.


  • 1500mg of fish oil


  • Suitable for adults, pregnant/breastfeeding, and children
  • For adults: 1, 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 capsules daily for general health, brain/nervous system, eye and cardiovascular health, mood balance, triglyceride levels, blood pressure, and joint health, respectively.
  • Children below one and 12: pierce one capsule into cereal, milk, and juice and take daily.
  • For pregnant/breastfeeding: 2 capsules daily, with or after meals.



Promotes the health of the nervous system and the brain

Non vegetarian 

Promotes eye health

Serves as an anti-inflammatory substance for the joint

Maintains mood balance

A natural source of omega-3

Sustainably sourced formula containing omega-3


Formulated based on scientific evidence


Buy Here: Swisse Odorless Fish Oil



3. NUTRIFORTE Fish Oil DS 1200mg 100s: Best Molecularly Distilled

Nutriforte fish oil is a concentrated omega-3 triglycerides fish oil that is molecularly distilled. Each bottle contains 100 soft gels.


  • 600mg of EPA and DHA
  • Fish oil obtained from small fishes such as sardines and anchovies  


  • Suitable for adults: take 1 to 3 soft gels every day with meals



Promotes good cardiovascular health

Short expiry

Reduces joint swelling and inflammation

Promotes brain and eye function.

No fishy aftertaste

Independently tested against Mercury, PCBs, dioxins, etc


Buy Here: NUTRIFORTE Fish Oil DS 1200mg



4. HEALTHY CARE Fish Oil 1000mg Omega 3 (400 capsules): Good For The Heart

Healthy Care Fish oil is excellent for managing heart diseases as it contains omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Fish oil containing 300mg Triglycerides (DHA and EPA) 


  • Suitable for adults and children
  • For Adults: one capsule three times a day with meals. 
  • Children: squeeze one or two capsules of the supplement into juice or milk and take daily. 



Promotes the relief of low blood pressure symptoms

Unsuitable for vegetarians

Maintains the normal cardiovascular health

Supports the normal cholesterol levels

Zero preservatives with no sugar added and artificial colours


Buy Here: Healthy CareFish Oil Omega 3



5. BioLife Omega-3 Fish Oil: Best For The Body

 SWISSE Odourless Fish Oil - iPharmaHome Pharmarcy Online


BioLife Omega-3 Fish Oil contains oil that was extracted from oily marine cold-water fish. It is ideal for people who take insufficient amounts of fatty fish from their meals.


  • Fish oil from the bodies of Mackerel, sardines, and anchovies 
  • 18% EPA
  • 12% DHA


  • Suitable for adults
  • Take one capsule two times daily.



Easily absorbed and utilized by the body

Caution is needed if you must use with other blood thinning supplements

Prevents heart disease

Halal certified




6. VitaHealth VitaEPA Fish Oil: Good For the Body

VitaHealth Vita EPA Fish Oil - iPharmaHome Pharmarcy OnlineThe VitaHealth fish oil capsule is an alternative to a gelatin-based capsule


  • Omega-3 marine triglycerides containing EPA and DHA 


  • Take one or more vegicaps caps daily with meals. 



Maintains the general well-being 

Not suitable for vegetarians

No added sugar

No artificial flavors or preservatives

Buy Here: VitaHealth Fish Oil



7. Amway NUTRILITE® Salmon Omega-3 Softgels: Best of Nature, Best of Science

Anyway Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3 Fish Oil - iPharmaHome Pharmarcy Online

The Amway’s Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 soft gels boast of combining a salmon-sourced omega-3 that was got from the cold waters of Norway, with other sources of omega-3 that include mackerel, sardine, and anchovy. 


  • Salmon
  • Anchovy
  • Mackerel
  • Sardine

How To Use

  • Take one to three soft gels with meals every day.

It Is Suitable For People Who:

  • Are on junk diets
  • Are Middle-aged
  • Are old
  • Who consume small omega-3 fatty acids in their foods.



No artificial flavors or preservatives 

Quite pricey 

Lightweight and travel-friendly

Fishy breath

Supports the expected levels of triglycerides


Maintains good cholesterol levels

Buy Here: Amway Nutrilite Fish oil here



8. Kordel Fish Oil: Best For Vitamins

KORDEL Fish Oil - iPharmaHome Pharmarcy OnlineKordel’s Omega-3 Fish Oil 1500mg + Vitamin D is an omega-3 supplement with 50% extra omega-3 fatty acids in every capsule. Also, every batch goes through an additional testing procedure to make sure of quality and freshness.


  • Vitamin D (3.5mcg of Cholecalciferol)
  • 1500mg of Fish oil (of Anchovy and Sardine sources)


  • 1 to 3 capsules every day and after meals.



Aids in maintaining bone health & immunity

May contain aftertaste of fish

Maintains healthy cholesterol levels and circulation of blood

It can induce nausea for particular individuals

Does not contain gluten, fish, eggs, or any dairy products

No artificial flavors or sweeteners

Every batch is tested to ensure quality and freshness


9. Provas Fish Oil: High Strength 

Provas Fish Oil - iPharmaHome Pharmarcy OnlineProvas fish oil is associated with high strength. This Provas Fish Oil aims to provide consumers with a manufactured and molecularly distilled 696mg of DHA and EPA. Ethyl ester is the form of the Fish oil. 


  • 1200mg ethyl esters
  • Minimum of 60% EPA + DHA 
  • Mixed tocopherol 3 IU


  • 1 to 2 capsules daily. Take with food and after the main meal. 



Aids in the prevention of stroke & reduce high blood pressure

Allergic reactions with Mild GI disorders

Protects kidney from damage that may be caused by diabetes

It can be consumed for long term

Zero preservatives




10. Seven Seas Fish Oil: Great For A Healthy Heart

Seven Seas Fish Oil - iPharmaHome Pharmarcy Online

Seven Seas Simply Timeless is a cod liver oil and a natural source of omega-3. It contains the complete A-Z multivitamins that keep your health in check as you get older.


  • 143mg of cod liver oil
  • 110mg of EPA
  • 50 mg of DHA
  • All multivitamins 


  • Children above the age of 12 and adults should take one capsule a day with a cold drink.
  • In the event of pregnancy or related conditions, consult your doctor.



Supports energy and metabolism

People who are taking blood-thinning medications such as warfarin can not consume cod liver oil

Supports normal heart functions & brain functions

Aids normal vision

Gelatine free


Buy Here: Seven Seas Fish Oil


11. Nature’s Way Fish Oil: Best For The Joints

Nature's Way Fish Oil - iPharmaHome Pharmarcy OnlineNature’s Way Odourless Fish Oil 1500mg is made up of high-quality omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and the EPA from fresh wild fish from the ocean.


  • 1000mg of naturals fish oil


  • Suitable for adults and children above the age of 2.
  • For adults: 3 capsules daily with meals. 
  • For heart health: 2 capsules daily with food
  • For mild osteoarthritis symptoms: take three capsules three times daily with meals. 
  • For children: take one capsule per day. Be sure to squeeze into milk, cereal, or juice.



Aids the relief of mild joint swelling

It may not be suitable for consumers with allergies to soy, fish products, sulfites, and phenylalanine.

Supports cardiovascular health

Promotes the functions of the eye and brain

Relieves joint pain caused by joint inflammation

Zero artificial colors & Odourless


12. Pristin Fish Oil: Best Buy For All

Pristin Fish Oil - iPharmaHome Pharmarcy Online MalaysiaThe Pristin brand boasts of manufacturing a highly concentrated fish oil that can be traced from wild fish to capsule and has turned out to be a top seller in Malaysia.


  • 396mg of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA),
  • 264mg of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
  • 660mg of total omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Gelatin


  • Suitable for adults. Take one soft gel every day after meals



Reduces joint pain and inflammation

Not suitable for children

Aids cardiovascular health

Promotes protection from heart attack and stroke

Promotes the better functioning of the brain and provides for higher intelligence.


Frequently Asked Questions on Buying The Best Fish Oil Supplements in Malaysia

1. Which Is The Best Brand For Fish Oil In Malaysia?

If you’re looking to buy quality fish oil in Malaysia, there are factors (as discussed above) that should influence your choice and help you determine what brand is best for you.



2. How Much Fish Oil Should I Consume Each Day?

Judging from the fact that there is no standard recommendation for the Dosages of fish oil you should consume per day, a combination of 250–500 mg DHA and EPA is sufficient for healthy people



3. What Are The Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements?

Different fish oil supplements have been found to have various benefits. However, the most popular ones shared among them include: Reducing the tendency of stroke or heart attack, maintaining triglyceride and cholesterol levels, maintaining cardiovascular and heart health, lowers blood pressure, aids healthy skin, and promotes general well-being


Where You Can Get The Best Fish Oil In Malaysia

Supplements such as Fish Oils have proven to be of great help to the body, even as omega-3 isn’t initially generated in the body.

With this realization, there have been many forms of fish oil supplements and the places you can get them. It makes way for lower quality to be available and affordable.

Still, we hope the listed 12 Best fish Oils In Malaysia guide, will help guide you in buying the best fish oil brands in Malaysia. 

However, there’s a need to know or find a good store that provides authentic fish oil supplements.

One of the best places to buy fish oil supplements in Malaysia is the ipharmaHome. Not only do we provide you with quality supplements products in Malaysia from vitamins supplement to fish oil products, but we make them available at very affordable prices.

Also, at iPharmaHome, you may find other health supplements that will significantly benefit you. We are a trusted online pharmaceutical store in Malaysia, designed for your utmost convenience.


More fish oil products here:



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