Benefits of Fish Oil - Overview, Benefits, Side Effect - Fish Oil Reviews

Benefits of Fish Oil - Overview, Benefits, Side Effect - Fish Oil Reviews

The Benefits of Fish Oil and Side-Effects to Look Out For


Fish oil is the fat content obtained from the fatty tissues of fish. It is the main source of Omega-3 nutrients that have been medically proven to boost bone, neurological, and cardiovascular health, to name but a few. 

According to nutritional experts, you can get a sufficient amount of Omega-3 nutrients by eating 2 to 3 modest servings of fatty fish per week. However, due to dietary preferences and budgetary constraints, most people are not able to meet the ideal fish oil dietary requirements making them Omega-3 deficient.

Nutritional supplements like Blackmores Fish Oil or SWISSE Fish Oil are thus highly popular because they help most people address Omega-3 deficiencies in their diet.

Read on and let us explore the benefits of fish oil, its side effects, and all you need to know about it to take better care of your health. 

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How Does Fish Oil Work in the Body?

When you consume fatty fish or fish oil supplements, your digestive system breaks down the fish oil to Omega-3 acids which can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

They are then utilized in different body organs such as the brain, the liver, kidneys, and even your eyes. 

The catch is, you need to consume enough fish oil to meet the recurring needs of all these organs. This is why doctors recommend taking foods rich in Omega-3 or fish oil supplements regularly.

That said, keep in mind that your body can only process limited amounts of Omega-3 at a time so it is important that you consume it in moderation. 



Uses, Effectiveness, and Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil 

Fish oil consists of two particularly essential Omega-3 fatty acids: DHA and EPA. Both of these fatty acids have unique properties and play distinct roles in repairing and enhancing different aspects of your health. In some instances, the combined effect of both of their qualities is equally beneficial. 

With that in mind, let us discuss some uses of fish oil in boosting health functions and how effective they truly are. 


1. Improving Neurological Wellness

The human Central Nervous System(CNS) comprises the brain, the spine, and a network of nerves that provide sensation in the body. A significant portion of this system is made up of DHA which is one of the fatty acids in Omega-3. The consumption of fish oil, therefore, boosts the strength and performance of your CNS because it replenishes it with DHA. 

The effectiveness of this use of fish oil has been proven in multiple medical studies. One study, in particular, focused on aging, mood, and psychiatric disorders in relation to Omega-3 deficiency. The experts on the study found that patients with an Omega-3 deficiency were more prone to suffering from depression and other mood disorders.

Further, patients with Omega-3 deficiency also had a higher probability of suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. This was attributed to them not having enough DHA to regenerate aging brain membranes thereby leading to a decline in their brain function. 

The restorative capabilities of DHA have been found to be effective in:

  • Mitigating the effects of ischemic strokes and helping stroke patients recover much faster
  • Protecting the brain from the adverse effects of high consumption of alcohol

2. Managing Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a condition where the center part of the retina becomes worn out and the patient begins to experience diminished vision. It is common in aging patients and more so in patients with vitamin and Omega-3 deficiencies. 

While macular degeneration is not curable it is manageable through lifestyle changes such as reducing smoking, cutting down on alcohol intake, and improving your diet. One of the recommended dietary changes is including Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. This is because the light receptors in your retina are mainly made up of DHA. Consuming fish oil is thus likely to help your retina regenerate its aging cells.

A prominent scientific research study indicates that the benefits of fish oil in decreasing the chances of developing age-related macular degeneration are low. Nevertheless, alternative studies show that patients that include Omega-3 in their diets are more likely to have better eyesight than those who do not. Moreover, it is possible that when fish oil is paired with other essential vitamin supplements, there can be more impactful results for your heart.



3. Reducing Seizures in Refractory Epilepsy

Refractory epilepsy is a drug-resistant type of epilepsy where patients tend to suffer from seizures even while on medication to prevent them. For context, it is worth mentioning that epilepsy is a neurological condition related to the Central Nervous System. 

Low-dose fish oil supplements like Bio Life Fish Oil that have a concentration of about 1000mg have been proven to reduce seizures in patients living with refractory epilepsy.  Although this research was based on a limited study, its findings were quite encouraging as a few patients even registered no seizures for the 10 weeks of the medical trial.

In light of this, it is safe to say that under the right medical guidance fish oil nutritional therapy can be effective in reducing epileptic seizures. More research would, nonetheless, help develop a more medically sound treatment regimen.

4. Boosting Cardiovascular Health

Some of the leading causes of poor cardiovascular health include:

  • Bad cholesterol
  • Stress
  • Hypertension

Bad cholesterol affects heart function when it accumulates on the walls of blood vessels to form plaque. This can lead to blocked arteries and heart attacks as well as high blood pressure and hardening of arteries.

So, what does this have to do with fish oil?

Omega-3 promotes the formation of healthy cholesterol and breaks down triglyceride fats. It can, therefore, help protect you from the aforementioned negative effects of bad cholesterol. 

The best part is that fish oil can also be used to boost the cardiovascular health of patients that have already suffered cardiac arrest or have been diagnosed with cardiac ailments. The American Heart Association has proven Omega-3 to be effective in preventing cardiac incidences and also in improving the outcomes of patients thereafter. Suffice to say, it is never too late to start eating right or taking your Seven Seas Fish Oil


Source: Taking fish oil may greatly reduce your odds of getting a heart attack - iPharmaHome Online

Source: Taking fish oil may greatly reduce your odds of getting a heart attack




5. Providing Gender-Specific Health Benefits 

The male and female bodies differ in many ways and as such, they also experience some distinct nutritional Omega-3 fish oil benefits. These gender-specific benefits present as follows.


  • Benefits of Fish Oil to Women

Fish oil supplements can go a long way in enhancing the reproductive health of women. They have been proven to: 

  • Reduce menstrual cramps-  when paired with other vitamins E and B12 it can reduce menstrual cramps in some women. 
  • Prenatal and postnatal wellness- doctors opine that expectant mothers should take fish oil supplements to boost the neurological development of their babies. Supplements are also safer than seafood as they present no risk of mercury content. 
  • Reducing the decline of bone health- hormonal changes during menopause can cause some women to suffer from reduced bone density and declining bone health and joint pains. Omega-3 has shown great results in enhancing bone mineral density. 

  • Eating fatty fish is allowed during pregnancy but presents a risk of mercury consumption


    • Fish Oil Benefits For Men

    Men benefit slightly differently from a regular dosage of Omega-3. Some of the gains they may experience include: 

  • Better life expectancy- according to the CDC, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death in men. Boosting their cardiovascular health using fish oil supplements alongside other lifestyle changes could substantially improve men's life expectancy. 
    • Improved fertility- evidence from a recent study showed that male participants that used fish oil supplements registered a healthy rise in FSH and LH reproductive hormones. Subsequently, they produced more and better quality semen.

        6. Improving Outcomes For Some Health Issues

        Fish oil can help manage or improve the outcomes of various health conditions. Here are some key examples. 

      • Weight loss- fish oil helps burn up to 50% of triglycerides in the body. In this case, taking higher doses of fish oil has been found to be more effective. Consequently, high-dose fish oil supplements like Nutriforte fish oil would be ideal. 

      • Recovery from cardiac incidents and cardiac surgery - there is evidence to substantiate that fish oil can improve post-surgical outcomes of angioplasty patients by preventing their arteries from getting clogged again if they take fish oil for at least a month before surgery and thereafter. It has also been established that patients who have suffered cardiac arrest or are being treated for heart failure can have better outcomes if they take fish oil. This is likely due to the blood-thinning effect of Omega 3 fish oil benefits

      • Preventing kidney damage and rejection - anti-rejection medication given after a kidney transplant is important but can cause kidney damage. Taking fish oil is recommended as a way to protect against this type of kidney damage. Fish oil can also help improve kidney function while a patient manages organ rejection with medication. 

      • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) - taking fish oil supplements in conjunction with RA medication is effective in reducing the pain and inflammation that most patients go through. In cases of severe pain and swelling, fish oil supplements can be administered intravenously. RA patients often report reduced swelling and tenderness in their joints after such IV treatments.  
      • Pros and Cons of Fish Oil Supplements



        They boost the levels of good cholesterol in the body

        Patients may have to wait a while before they experience the benefits of fish oil; the gains are not always immediate

        Improve cardiac health and treatment outcomes of patients undergoing treatment for cardiac issues

        Some people can suffer from fish oil side effects such as stomach upsets or allergies

        Boosts reproductive health in both men and women

        Not all patients are eligible for fish oil supplements  

        Can prevent damage in body organs like the brain and kidneys

        Fish oil supplements can help restore the structure of the central nervous system and the retina

        Health Safety Concerns of Taking Fish Oil

        Like any other medical intervention, fish oil does come with its fair share of health risks. Here are a few that you should probably keep in mind. 

        • Patients on blood pressure medication should take fish oil supplements as directed by their physician. This is because Omega-3 fatty acids have a blood-thinning effect which could affect blood pressure treatments.

        • Antiplatelet or anti-clot medication work by thinning blood. When they are coupled with fish oil, it can easily result in dangerous bleeds as the blood would be overly thinned with very little clotting capabilities.

        • Fish oil has immune-suppressing effects on the body. This is why it is recommended for organ transplant patients. However, a high dosage of fish oil supplements can lower your immunity more than necessary and interfere with your body's ability to fight infections. 

        • Some patients can experience negative reactions such as bloating, belching, bad breath, and stomach upsets when they begin taking fish oil supplements Sometimes this can be overcome by testing brands to find the best fish oil brand example from Blackmores Malaysia and Swisse for you. Unfortunately, in some cases, your system may simply reject fish oil entirely. 

        • People with fish-related allergies may have adverse reactions to fish oil supplements. 


        When all is said and done, the benefits of fish oil are undeniable. It is, nevertheless, important that you adhere to the right dosage and invest in authentic fish oil products. 

        Some tried and tested fish oil products from trusted supplement brands worth considering include: 


            Frequently Asked Question on Fish Oil Supplement in Malaysia

            1. What is Fish Oil Good For?

            It is good for boosting cardiac, reproductive, visual, and bone health, among other conditions. Doctors also recommend fish oil for pregnancy to promote optimal development of the fetus. 



            2. What is The Best Fish Oil in Malaysia?

            Blackmore fish oil is easily the best fish oil supplement in Malaysia. It is made of natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial surfactants. This is essential because surfactants can degrade the purity of a supplement. It is also generally easy to find Blackmore fish oil in Malaysia at an affordable price. 



            3. Where to Buy Fish Oil Supplements in Malaysia?

            It is crucial to always buy your fish oil products from a certified dealer. This ensures that you purchase authentic products and, therefore, get the true benefits of fish oil. Fake products from unscrupulous dealers can be harmful to your health.

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