Eucerin Product Review Online: 10 Best Eucerin SkinCare Must Buy in Malaysia

Eucerin Product Review Online: 10 Best Eucerin SkinCare Must Buy in Malaysia

Brand Overview

Well, in this article we will review different skincare products by the brand EUCERIN Malaysia which is often recommended by dermatologists. We all are so busy in our daily routine that it is nearly impossible to take care of our skin.

We all face some or the other skin related problems be it acne or dryness, Isn’t it?

EUCERIN is a brand from Malaysia known for its science based skin products. Its skin care line of products include products for all skin types whether sensitive, normal or combination type.

EUCERIN in Malaysia is a well known brand tested by researchers and experienced by people like us. It has delivered the highest possible quality standards when it comes to skincare products.

And hence it is highly recommended by dermatologists and cosmetic stores. It has been clinically proven for over 100 years that EUCERIN products not only give us radiant skin but also guards it as a shield to harmful UV rays. 

First of all, we need to understand our skin to choose the right products for it. Most of us don't really care after the product’s ingredients that we use daily.

We don’t realize that the products that we are using are safe? Or, are they really working or not?

This guide would be your go-to guide when it comes to choosing the best skin care products that suit your skin.


EUCERIN Product Review Online: 10 Best Eucerin Products To Buy in Malaysia


1. EUCERIN Lip Active



Eucerin Lip Active is the one that works even for sensitive skin tones. This lip balm not only provides daily care to your lips but also repairs them naturally. Whether your lips are dry or dehydrated in moisture. EUCERIN Lip Balm provides you relief from your lip’s chapping. 

Being clinically tested, this product is suited for all skin types with no side-effects.


Key benefits of this lip care product

The Cons of the Product

  • It provides 48 hours moisture due to its natural formula based on Licorice Extract

  • It's only disadvantage that is noted till date is its smell can’t be that pleasant (due to not having any perfume-extract in it.)
  • It's perfume-free! It is not mixed up with any artificial perfumes for fragrance, and that makes it more suitable for any skin type.
  • It treats all lip related problems.
  • It is non-greasy and doesn’t clogs. Some lip care products appear to be very heavy on your lips. Well, it’s not the case with EUCERIN Lip Active.




2. EUCERIN Acute Care Cream



EUCERIN Acute Care Cream not only provides soothing but it treats ATOPIC skin. Though dermatologists recommend it big time, it's not a pharmaceutical product. Made up by a unique complex formula containing fatty acids, essential oils, Licorice plant-root extracts, cooling antibacterial elements, this product is a hit among all.

This EUCERIN product treats irritation problems and flare-ups reducing skin redness. 

This product ensures to be safe for all skin types even for babies!


Key Benefits 

The Cons of the Product

  • Ensures reduction in skin water loss. ATOPIC skin as you may know is subjected to significant epidermal loss of skin. EUCERIN Acute Care Cream relieves you from it.
  • No cons noted as such.
  • The urge to scratch and redness due to it is reduced. Due to irritation, we constantly need to scratch our skin making it worse.  
  • This EUCERIN cream attacks the root cause of your skin problem making it less scratchy and itchy.
  • Last but not the least, to minimize any further allergies to your skin, this product is free from cortisone and any fragrances.




3. EUCERIN PH5 Wash lotion Preserves Skin Resilience 




EUCERIN PH5 Wash lotion has foam based texture unlike any other lotion. Having said that, it makes sure that your skin is well hydrated.

Well this solution works best for dry and sensitive skin making them resilient at the same time. 


Key Benefits 

  The Cons

  • This product contains a formula based on Citrate that acts as a buffer to regulate skin’s PH.
  • This is a daily care cleansing lotion of your skin and has no specific properties for treating acne problems.
  • It also has significant regenerative properties so that you could look younger with fresh and vibrant skin.
  • It doesn’t have any artificial colours and still has a light fragrant smell.

  • Cost: 
    Many reviewers have admitted that this product is the most useful yet cheapest product that they have ever used.


    4. EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution A.I Matt Fluid



    Well, we all have either blackheads or pimples on our face. It feels really painful. Some girls even pinch them but that doesn’t work. Because, pinching causes bacteria from one point (existing pimple) to another point. And, after a few days, you will have one more pimple.

    But, EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution is a unique innovative product that even treats the blemishes after your pimples are gone. Well, we want to cure our Acne problems but what about the dark spots after it?

    EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution has helped thousands of women struggling with dark spots, pimples, and blackheads. It has proven results and hence recommended big time.


    The Pros 

    The Cons

    • Heals acne prone skin and fades away left out scars and blemishes.
    • Not suitable for children under 8 years of age. 
    • It has sebum-regulating technology  that keeps your skin fresh for up to 8 hours without filling up your pores.
    •  It contains salicylic acid, Licorice Extract that not only treats skin but also removes any inflammation. Hence it acts as a safeguard providing defence against bacteria.


    5. EUCERIN Sun Gel-Cream Oil Control SPF 50+

    EUCERIN Sun Gel-Cream Oil Control - iPharmahome pharmacy online Malaysia


    EUCERIN sunscreen product has an SPF of 50+. Apart from that it is especially designed for oily or sensitive (acne prone) skin. It attacks the root cause of all skin problems by combining various filters like UVA and UVB. These filters act as a shield to protect the free radicals emitted by the UV and HEV light.


    Key Benefits

    The Cons

    • This EUCERIN product also enables the repairing of the genetic material (the DNA)
    • EUCERIN sunscreen can not be very much water proofed as people say but still 8 hours a day is much!
    • It has a huge impact on the oil control mechanism of your skin. It contains extracts that generate micro-particles to control your oil and gives a smooth touch of your skin.
    • EUCERIN Sun Gel Cream is non-greasy, and contains no perfume to suit every skin type.

    Pricing of the Product: Well, this EUCERIN product has surely justified its value among women experiencing it. It is charged per bottle of 50 ml at RM 113.75. And it's surely worth it!



    6. EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution A.I Clearing Treatment [Acne-Oil Control]

    6. EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution A.I Clearing Treatment - iPharmahome pharmacy online Malaysia


    EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution is one of the wholesome acne clearing treatments that treats acne prone skin. Along with that, it also removes the scars or blemishes post the acne. As you might know, acne is a type of a bacterial infection on skin due to forming of oil and clogging of pores.

    This EUCERIN product removes any clogging and kills bacteria preventing further acne formation. 


    The Pros

    The Cons

    • To enable less clogging, this Pro Acne Clearing Solution reduces the pore size.
    • It is not fragrance-free.
    • Your skin would look brighter, and more radiant.
    • It contains antibacterial properties, reduces inflammation, and redness caused due to acne.
    • It has ingredients that peels off dead skin and replenishes your skin.


    7. EUCERIN HYALURON Filler Advanced AOX Serum 30 ml

    7. EUCERIN HYALURON Filler Advanced AOX Serum - iPharmahome Pharmacy Online MalaysiaThis EUCERIN Serum helps you tackle the signs of ageing like wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, loose skin , uneven tone and so on. It’s 3 acid active formula nourishes and tones your skin to look smoother than ever.

    This is considered to be the best for oily skin types. 

    You can even use it as a primer before applying your makeup.




    • It has the new age Advanced AOX Essence containing HYALURONIC fillers to refine our pores. This gives your skin a new touch of shine, tightness, evenness and makes it look younger.
  • No specific cons of the product are being noticed until date.
    • It contains several antioxidants which act as a safeguard to harmful environmental factors.
    • It is non- greasy to use and refines your wrinkles.


    8. EUCERIN Ultra-White Spotless Double Booster Serum [Whitening] 30ml 

    8. EUCERIN Ultra-White Spotless Double Booster Serum - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    This serum is especially designed to whiten and brighten your skin. This should replace all of your make up products because it is worth it.

    This EUCERIN Serum from Malaysia will make your skin more radiant and glowing than you could ever imagine.

    Not only that, this serum is a to in one product containing two essential ingredients namely the THIAMIDOL and Concentrated HYALURONIC Acid.


    Key Benefits

    The Cons

  • It targets your pigmentation problems and fades away any dark spots.

  • Stronger fragrance.
  • It also treats the dryness of the skin by holding its moisture. As a result there are no flakes on your face.
  • Its ingredients also contain skin renewal properties that make your skin look fresh.


    9. EUCERIN  Pro Acne Solution Cleansing Gel [Acne-Oil Control]

    9. EUCERIN  Pro Acne Solution Cleansing Gel - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    This EUCERIN cleanser works best for acne prone skin. This is a cleansing solution along with face wash. This can be tolerated best by even the acne prone skin. Unlike other acne products this doesn’t make your skin dry.




    • It is very gentle to your skin. Helps in soothing irritation or itching on your skin.
  • No side effects noted till date.
    • It has surfactants that reduces the surface tension of water, hence clears any form of dirt easily.


    10. EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution Toner [Acne-Oil Control]

    10. EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution Toner - iPharmahome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

    This EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution Toner refines your pores as well as fastens your unclogging mechanism. 

    As a result, there would be no repeated cycles of acne formation. Your skin would be fresh, radiant and healthy.

    It would also remove any blemishes after clearing your acne marks.




    • It doesn't leave any stickiness nor tight feeling after application and it absorbs pretty fast into the skin 
  • No side effects noted till date.
    • Your pores seems smaller than before and also slightly brighter on my acne scars



    This article lists all of the most popular skin care products that everyone of us needs. But, to choose the right kinds of products can be intimidating. 

    Even after this article, you want to talk to us about the products or which one would suit you the best.


    In iPharmaHome pharmacy online, we offer the best online pharmacy products varied from supplements products, skin care products as well as your wellness


    Browse more skin care products collection here:



    Frequently Asked Question on Eucerin Top Skin Care Products That You Must Have (Common FAQs)

    1. Are these EUCERIN products safe?

    Yes. They are totally safe with no side-effects. Also all Eucerin skincare products are clinically tested and recommended by top dermatologist.


    2. Is EUCERIN good for combination skin?

    Yes, Some products like the EUCERIN Lip Active, EUCERIN UltraWhite Spotless Double Booster Serum, and the Eucerin PH5 Wash Lotion suits the skin type that are combinatory of two or more skin types.

    3. Which are the Best EUCERIN products for acne?

    EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution A.I Clearing Treatment, this one is an acne clearing solution that would clear any active pimples on your skin. EUCERIN Pro Acne Solution A.I Matt Fluid, this product would fade away any blemishes or scars. Also, EUCERIN  Pro Acne Solution Cleansing Gel [Acne-Oil Control] product is well suited for oily skin.


    4. Do dermatologists recommend the EUCERIN brand?

    Yes, and even if you are not satisfied consult your dermatologist.

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