“Hard like a cucumber” or “Soft like tofu”

“Hard like a cucumber” or “Soft like tofu”

Hard like a cucumber” or “Soft like tofu” – these were the two main options to describe an erection. Sadly for a fact, almost 50 percent of men above 45 said they were closer to tofu especially for those who are overworked and overstressed.

It is a very modern problem, and it needs a modern solution. Most men present a toxic mix of being too reluctant to seek support and too misinformed about sexual problems. They need help, ideally from supplements, or the infamous blue pill.

Erectile dysfunction refers to the persistent inability of a man to get or maintain an erection of the penis sufficiently to have sexual intercourse. Most adult men have probably experienced a short period of temporary impotence at some time. It commonly affects 3 in 10 males at 45 years and 2 in 3 males at 70 years.

In general, up to 75% of erectile dysfunction have a physical (organic) cause while the rest have a psychological (functional) cause. Physical causes include ageing, alcohol influence, diabetes, CNS disorders (e.g. stroke), vascular (circulation) issues, hormone irregularities, medication, etc. Psychological causes usually covers stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, marital disharmony, guilt etc. Sometimes we simply do not know what causes impotence. You can get an ide of whether you are functional by being aware of erections during sleep or morning erections or erections through masturbation.

What about getting old? Although the risk of impotence increases with age, it is not inevitable. Most men keep the ability to get an erection, although more stimulation is usually required.

It can be prevented, by maintaining a good general wellbeing and careful treatment of any other underlying medical issues such as diabetes. Side effects of other medication should be discussed with your physician to overcome this issue as well. Vices such as drug addiction, smoking and drinking should be monitored or reduced as well.

There are modern supplements, taken by mouth which will restore the ability to get an erection upon sexual stimulation. They work by neutralizing the enzyme in the penis that makes it go lump. This results in increased blood flow to the penis. However do take note there are many supplements and drugs which do not invariably work as their effectiveness is related to the extent and severity of the problem.

Lifestyle changes and counselling for psychological causes are equally important and needs to be acknowledge as well.

Credit by Dr.John

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