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SANOFI ENTEROGERMINA Oral Suspension 2Billion/5ml 20 Vials

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Sanofi Enterogermina Oral Suspension is a supplement used to maintain the intestinal microflora in the body. This supplement is highly effective in treating diarrhoea and it is also antibiotic resistant which means that it can be taken while on an antibiotic treatment. Sanofi Enterogermina Oral Suspension is also safe for infants on breastfeed, children as well as adults. 

With a tasteless flavour, Sanofi Enterogermina Oral Suspension contains a suspension of Bacillus clausii spores which are non-pathogenic and naturally occur within the intestine. The amplified resistance of Bacillus clausii spores to both chemical and physical agents allow them to cross the barrier to gastric juice and become benign when they reach the intestinal tract and transforms into metabolically active vegetative cells. 

Sanofi Enterogermina Oral Suspension can be added to any beverages milk or consumed directly as a supplement. Get it at IpharmaHome today.

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SANOFI ENTEROGERMINA Oral Suspension 2Billion/5ml 20 Vials
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