MARIMER Baby Isotonic Spray (Sterlised Isotonic Sea Water Solution) 100ml

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Marimer Baby Isotonic Spray is a sterilised isotonic sea water solution to support your baby’s nasal hygiene. This seawater solution naturally sourced which is high in mineral salts and seawater dietary elements. The formula in Marimer Baby Isotonic Spray helps to decrease symptoms of allergies and gently facilitates the evacuation of nasal secretions without obstructions.

The Marimer Baby Isotonic Spray is useful especially for nasal hygiene as well as cleansing of the nasal fossae. It is a suitable alternative for dry or blocked nose especially with signs and symptoms of allergies such as rhinitis allergy. Marimer Baby Isotonic Spray can be used daily over a prolonged period with 1 to 2 sprays for each nostril, 1 to 3 times a day as needed.

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MARIMER Baby Isotonic Spray (Sterlised Isotonic Sea Water Solution) 100ml
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