ENSURE Gold Review - Every Day Strength In Your Golden Years

ENSURE Gold Review - Every Day Strength In Your Golden Years

As with everything that diminishes as we age, nutrition is also a part of our lives that gets affected. Low stomach acid, muscle loss, and thinner skin all come as a result of aging.

With low stomach acid, you can become prone to nutrient deficiencies because it causes the low absorption of nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B12.

One other significant challenge aging has on the body's nutrition is that our body requires fewer calories. This can be quite confusing as the body needs as many nutrients as it can get. How then is it possible with lesser calories?


Well, it's been found that supplements and whole foods are great options to ensure the adequate nutrient supply for the body.

Fortunately, some brands have seen this gap and stepped right in to bridge it. The Abbott Nutrition brand has been in the business of helping people's immune systems at all stages in life from infancy to adulthood (old age inclusive).

One of the Abbott Nutrition products is the Abbott Ensure. It offers complete nutrition that fills in the nutrition gap for adults. When it is appropriately incorporated into the diet, it can serve as a meal supplement or snack taken between meals.

A few pros and cons associated with Ensure Gold is listed in the table below:



  • Promotes building and repair of tissue
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances 
  • Promotes good health for the nails and hair
  • Irritability 
  • Essential for the bones and blood 
  • Headaches (rare)
  • Aids muscle building 
  • Sneezing
  • Boosts energy and metabolism

Signs Of Aging After 40

Ensure Gold Review - Signs of Aging after 40 - iPharmaHome Pharmacy Online Malaysia

After 40, the body begins to change physiologically. Almost every ten years after 40, you tend to lose half an inch in height.

Not to mention the fast rate of loss in muscle mass which makes it more essential to take in foods that are rich in nutrients.

Muscle loss is expected with age, but it can also be reduced. Still, when abnormal muscle loss occurs, it can be caused by three things: an autoimmune disease, an eating disorder, and malnutrition.

Symptoms of muscle loss may include weakness, fatigue, weight loss, fever, night sweats, and frequent urination. Some other factors may include reduction in calcium and bone mass, changes in activity levels, changes in appetite, increased stress levels, sleep issues and lifestyle, sensitive or brittle teeth. 

In addition to low muscle mass and low nutrient absorption, the body may also experience a decreased appetite for food or in reaction to hunger and thirst, leading to weight loss and dehydration. It so happens that the consequences of hunger become more intense as we age.

As long as one's alive, aging is inevitable. However, seeing that you age gracefully is what matters. 

Many factors can contribute to aging gracefully, but one that stands at the forefront is having the right nutrition plan the appropriate diet.


The Role Of Dietary Nutrition

Nutrition in older people seems to be lacking in the attention it deserves. Still, good nutrition is vital as we age because it can help with mental and memory functions, as well as contribute to our physical health. The role of dietary nutrition to aid aging gracefully includes:

  • Aiding healing and a stronger immune system
  • Aiding the management of chronic illnesses such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
  • Promoting the health of the muscle and bone by maintaining strength, posture, flexibility, and mobility.
  • Aiding the proper functioning of the brain by preserving cognitive ability and memory.
  • Promoting the healthy functioning of the organs (eyes, liver, digestion, and kidney)

The nutritional needs of the aging body include vitamin B12, fiber, protein, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

For this reason, there's a need to go for balanced diets or supplements that can stand in for what your diets may be missing. And again, Abbott Ensure comes to mind.





The Ensure Gold Vanilla HMB 400g has the necessary classes of food - carbohydrates, proteins, and essential fats that promote energy and strength in the body.

Features And Benefits Of Ensure Gold Vanilla HMB 400g

The one fundamental reason why this product spells quality is that Ensure Gold meets the guidelines for the recent American Heart Association for healthy diets as well as the Dietary Reference Intake guidelines.

Features of Ensure Gold

The Ensure Gold Vanilla HMB 400g comes in powder form. This Ensure powder:

  • Is a source of 21 vitamins and minerals. 
  • Contains calcium and vitamin D 
  • Contains Vitamins B2, B6, and B12, 
  • Contains Vitamins C, E, Selenium, and beta-carotene 
  • Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids 
  • Contains high-quality protein 
  • Contains probiotic fiber FOS
  • Low in cholesterol 

The Ensure milk has other healthy features:

  • Unlike other types of milk, the Ensure Gold Vanilla is lactose-free.
  • It is gluten-free
  • Halaal
  • Vanilla flavor

Benefits Of Ensure Gold

The Ensure Gold benefits are for everyone but, more importantly, for the older people. These benefits include:

  • 1. Providing the body with the complete and balanced nutrition

  • One of the reasons why Ensure milk is an excellent option for older adults or middle-aged people is that as we age, we often acquire a busy lifestyle and may tend to skip meals constantly, which, in turn, creates nutritional gaps. These nutritional gaps can be bridged with Ensure milk powder. 


  • 2. Promoting the normal functions of muscles and bones


    The presence of calcium and vitamin D on the Ensure Gold ingredients list makes it suitable for maintaining the strength of the bones as well as protecting the muscle tissue to ensure vitality and adequate function. 



  • 3. It aids in reducing fatigue and tiredness.


    It's been found that 15% of adults over 60 are affected by vitamin B12 deficiency. The reason is that with age, the digestive system becomes less effective in absorbing vitamin B12. And vitamin B12 being a vital nutrient, can have a significant impact on the Central nervous system and the blood. This means that with the lack of adequate amounts of vitamin B12, seniors are likely to suffer from fatigue, anemia, memory loss, numbness, etc. However, with Ensure Gold Vanilla offering the proper nutrients and in the correct quantity, your strength and energy will be conserved to keep you from fatigue and tiredness.


  • 4. It supports the immune system


    Vitamin E and Selenium have been found to aid the neutralization of free radicals in the body. Selenium also plays an essential role in the immune system and thyroid function. Aging comes with a reduction in the levels of antioxidants in the body, caused by the reduction and low absorption of nutrients. Antioxidants generally work to delay, prevent, or eliminate the processes of oxidation in the body, but with age, their work is somewhat reduced and less effective. For this reason, Ensure Gold becomes the suitable alternative because it supports the immune system by offering antioxidants such as vitamin C and E. 


  • 5. It promotes heart health


    Omega-3 is effective for promoting heart health and can aid the reduction of the risk of cognitive decline, especially in older people. However, it is also highly beneficial to the brain, and when it occurs in low levels in the body system, it may lead to memory loss, mental health conditions, and reduced immune function. Research has also found that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can aid in healthy aging these fatty acids are also found in Ensure Gold Vanilla.


  • 6. Contains high-quality protein for promoting recovery and muscle mass maintenance.


    While protein in younger people is necessary for tackling cholesterol and staying fit, older adults need protein to maintain muscle mass. Research has reported that older adults consume less than the required amount of protein daily; this can lead to lean muscle mass and higher bones. Ensure Gold as either a supplement or a food replacement can help supply the needed quantity of protein to the body. 


  • 7. The presence of probiotic fiber FOS is to support the digestive tract health.

  • The importance of fiber for older people cannot be overlooked. Fiber is excellent for tackling constipation, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and promotes a healthy weight management. Then, there's the probiotic fiber that helps with the aging gut a declined gastrointestinal structure that increases the number of species that can potentially harm the gut while reducing the number of beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacilli. The probiotic fiber supports the digestive function and is contained in the Ensure Gold.

      Flavors available on our website: Vanilla, Coffee, Wheat



      Possible Health Risks And Side Effects of Ensure Gold Vanilla

      Like most products, Ensure Gold has side effects. And you should endeavor to find out before using it, as you should with any other product. There are mild side effects you may experience at the start of usage. They include diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation.

      Still, it's advised that you adhere to the correct quantity of intake as overconsumption may lead to weight gain, stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhea. Also, it's advised that you don't entirely depend on Ensure Gold as a food replacement because there are nutrients that you can only get from food.

      In addition, taking Abbott Ensure Gold alongside other medications may be a cause for concern depending on the medications you’re consuming. However, it’s an option for people who have decreased appetites as a result of medicines or sickness. If you have diabetes, or other concerns, you should always consult your doctor before taking Ensure Gold.



      Directions For Use And Storage

      For Use:

      Pour 185ml of water into a glass for a standard serving of 230ml. 

      Add 60.6g or 6 scoops of Ensure Gold Vanilla powder. 

      Stir to dissolve the powder. 

      For Tube Feeding:

      2 servings =230ml

      230ml = 185 ml of water + 6 scoops

      You must consult your doctor or dietician. Depending on the patient's health condition and tolerance, the volume, flow rate, and dilution may vary. When preparing this product, be sure to take precautions to avoid contamination. 

      For the standard reconstitution = 263.6g in 1 liter of water.


      Opened cans should not be refrigerated but stored in a cool and dry place. Unopened cans can be stored at room temperature. The content of an open can should be used within three weeks. 

      For a reconstituted formula, refrigerate, cover, or drink within a short while (within 24 hours). 

      Alternatives For Ensure Gold

      Generally, meal replacements or nutrient supplements tend to be similar. But if you're looking for a better alternative to Ensure Gold, look for a product with something better than the Ensure Gold ingredients.

      Be sure they don't enlist sugar as their first or main ingredient. Look out for a healthier option by going through the ingredients.

      Also, see if it is a food-based and minimally processed smoothie or shake.

      You must know that products that meet all these requirements and are considered good alternatives can have higher prices than the Ensure Gold.

      The table below shows three alternative products to Ensure, their key features, and similarities with Ensure Gold.


      Ensure Gold

      Anlene Gold Actifit

      ViPlus 40+ Gold Adult Milk

      Vitrasure Gold


      • Supports the immune system
      • Promotes heart health
      • Contains high-quality protein for promoting recovery and muscle mass maintenance.
      • Probiotic fiber FOS is to support the digestive tract health.
      • Aids in reducing fatigue and tiredness.
      • Promotes the normal functions of muscles and bones
      • Source of 21 vitamins and minerals. 
      • Maintains strong bones, joints, and muscles. 
      • Maintains good digestive function
      • Maintains bone strength and density. 
      • Promotes muscle growth.
      • Low in fat which reduces organ exhaustion and cardiovascular problems. 
      • Supports the immune System. 
      • Helps reduce cholesterol. 
      • Strengthens bones and muscles. 


      • Vitamins B2, B6, B12
      • Vitamins C, E
      • Selenium, beta-carotene
      • High-quality protein
      • Probiotic fiber
      • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. 
      • 21 vitamins and minerals. 
      • Higher protein
      • Collagen
      • Vitamins and minerals
      • Calcium
      • Magnesium
      • Calcium
      • Zinc, pantothenic acid, phosphorus
      • Protein. 
      • Vitamins D and A
      • High in GOS prebiotic

      Yeast beta-glucan


      Protein from soy


      Vitamin D3

      Consumer Age 

      40 and above

      40 years and above

      40 years and above

      Suitable for adults and the elderly


      • Vanilla
      • Wheat
      • Coffee
      • Chocolate
      • Strawberry
      • Plain
      • Milk formula
      • Oat

      Links to Purchase

      Buy here

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      Frequently Asked Questions on Ensure Gold Review

      1. What is HMB, and what is it for?

      HMB stands for Hydroxymethylbutyrate. It is produced naturally by the body- though in small quantities, through the breakdown of branched-chain amino acid, leucine. Leucine is involved in protein synthesis and muscle repair. 

      Because the HMB amount produced by the body is minimal, it is often taken in its supplement form to boost its level in the body. It has become famous among the fitness and health community as it aids in muscle growth and performance in exercises.

      2. What age is Ensure Gold suitable for?

      Ensure Gold Vanilla HMB 400g was made to help adults 40 and above, to gain their daily dietary nutrition. 

      3. When should I drink Ensure Gold?

      The Ensure Gold is specially formulated to complete and balance your dietary nutrients. You may take it on the go, in 1 or 2 servings, or as a snack between meals.




      Aging has its challenges, aside from the wrinkles that may bother you, and you stand to experience muscle loss, fatigue, and other age-related conditions. Well, there's one way to have it all: age gracefully by catching up on all the proper or dietary nutrients your body needs. The Ensure Gold milk series is the high quality adult nutrition supplement that can also be served as a snack.

      Ensure Gold is a nutrition supplement with all the dietary nutrients the body needs- antioxidant vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, protein, and probiotic fiber to see to the maintenance of bone and muscle mass, heart health, digestive functions, and boosting the immune system. With Ensure Gold, you're sure to get results in just 8 weeks of usage.

      Now you know all there is to know about Ensure Gold and how helpful it can be. purchase Ensure Gold Vanilla easily at the iPharmaHome online.

      In iPharmaHome, we are the trusted online pharmacy online Malaysia with all for health supplements that are suitable for adults and children alike.


      For more nutrition supplements collection for mother and kids here:


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